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Reuniting Hope at Quail Run to Help Bring Families Back Together


Karen Phillips
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At its July board meeting, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) Board approved $1.2 million in federal HOME Program funds for Regional Housing Solutions, a community housing development organization located in Fort Smith, AR. The funds are being used to buy and rehabilitate a 24 unit multi-family property to be named Reuniting Hope at Quail Run in Mulberry, AR where parents in need of stability will receive a fresh start and work towards reunification with their children and families.

As a response to the foster care and opioid crisis, Regional Housing Solutions COO, Karen Phillips, began looking for a way to help stabilize parents who have faced crisis and have a sincere desire to bring their families back together. Meetings immediately ensued with a housing based approach to bring stabilization services to families. Representative Charlotte Douglas and Mulberry Mayor Baxter provided encouragement and connections to build on the idea. Soon meetings continued with Restore Hope ED, Paul Chapman, who introduced Phillips to Harbor House, Inc. ED, Jimmie Wooding and they began working through best practices and approaches that have proven success rates.

From those meetings, Reunite Hope was born. Reunite Hope will provide housing and support to its residents with the goal being recovery, family reunification, and independence.

After participants have been through rehabilitation services or have been referred by STEPs Family Resources, they will be offered an opportunity to live at Quail Run Apartments where they will be provided the ongoing support and services to succeed. This is not a group home. Instead of a traditional manager, recovery life coaches will be in place 24 hours a day to provide day to day, hour by hour, encouragement and empowerment to residents, helping them to set their feet in the right direction.

About Regional Housing Solutions

Regional Housing Solutions is a non-profit 501C3 Community Housing Development Organization affiliated with CSCDC. They are accepting donations to make the apartments home for its residents and need volunteers for transportation. Cash donations can be received at

About Restore Hope

Restore Hope connects, city, county, and state partners to create local solutions. The partnerships enable the community to better support preexisting services and to think outside the box in creating data-driven pilot programs. Restore Hope streamlines communication between all interested parties, working to form new partnerships between groups working toward common goals, and ultimately connecting children and families to service providers.

About Arkansas Development Finance Authority

ADFA is the state's largest source of low-cost financing for low-to-moderate income housing development, small industries, government, education and healthcare. Through the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds and notes, the administration of private and public grants and partnerships with state and federal agencies, ADFA gives Arkansans the most cost-effective financing choices possible.