April 19, 2024

9% LIHTC Second Competitive Funding Round

The ADFA Board Housing Review Committee approved a second 9% LIHTC competitive application cycle for 2024. The second application cycle of 2024 will compete for the remainder (estimated to be $3,200,000 in annual LIHTC but could be higher) of the State’s 2024 9% LIHTC allocation after the initial competitive 9% LIHTC application cycle. The second competitive application cycle will continue to use the 2024 QAP and 2024 MFHA. Applicants who participate in the second competitive application cycle will not be competing with the initial 2024 applicants.

Application Deadline: August 1, 2024 4:30pm


Review and Response Period: Ends September 23rd


Scoring Notification: September 30th


ADFA approves successful applicants: October 17th